What is difference between domain & Hosting

The domain is the address of your website. That is, the URL that users type into the browser to reach your page.

For example, the domain of this site is Your Site.

A site can have only one domain, and a domain can only be registered by one person (or company). The registration of a domain has the main purpose to "make sure" the exclusive use of that ' URL. However, it is in no way linked to whether you decide to create a site or not.

How do I create a CNAME record in Hosting?

A CNAME (Canonical name) record, is largely associate alias or nickname for one more domain. it's typically used rather than associate A record to purpose completely different hostnames to an equivalent location. The distinction between the record sorts is that associate A record forever points to associate IP address, whereas a CNAME forever points to a different name.

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