What is difference between domain & Hosting

The domain is the address of your website. That is, the URL that users type into the browser to reach your page.

For example, the domain of this site is Your Site.

A site can have only one domain, and a domain can only be registered by one person (or company). The registration of a domain has the main purpose to "make sure" the exclusive use of that ' URL. However, it is in no way linked to whether you decide to create a site or not.

Many people register internet domains without using them, just because they want the URLs not to be registered and used by others. In some cases, the domain is instead used only for the mailbox (ie, to have a custom email address). Finally, in most cases, a domain is associated with a website.
There are domains of different types (for example, with .com extension rather than .it extension, or .net, .info, etc.) and of different prices.
A domain can also be registered for a period ranging from a minimum of twelve months up to five years (usually, the longer the registration period, the lower the annual price).
But let's continue to talk about the difference between domain and hosting and now let's see in detail what a hosting (or rather, a hosting plan ) is.

What is WordPress hosting
what is a hosting space
A hosting plan for WordPress is a kind of subscription that you subscribe to be able to use a server space provided by the hosting provider of your choice.

Hosting and servers are the same things so don't have any doubts about hosting or servers. Also know that when we talk about shared hosting, we are talking about a machine whose space is spread over multiple accounts. A dedicated server on the other hand is a machine used by only one account.

Websites built in WordPress consist of a series of file folders and a database. These files must be hosted on a server, which is a real physical computer… which is not inside or near your computer! It is located in a data center (or data center ), where there are thousands of servers managed by the hosting provider of your choice.

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